Stacy Ocampo: Building Better Tomorrows (BBT)
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Would $500-$5000 a month make a difference in you life?

I am currently looking people who are looking for a better, healthier life for themselves and their families.  Shaklee has a fantastic compensation plan--full of opportunity to create your own future. 


Watch this Video to see how Shaklee Works

How Shaklee Works


Contact Stacy Ocampo at or 614-353-8660.


 Cash, Cars, Trips and freedom to make the world you own!  Below is a chart of the rewards available to you if you reach out and share the Shaklee story with others.  You decide how much you want to earn.  You decide how many people you will introduce.  You decide how to vaction and spend time with your loved ones.  The DREAM is for you.  How will you make a difference in your life?

Dream Compensation