Stacy Ocampo: Building Better Tomorrows (#BBT)
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Antonio and I partnered with Shaklee to help people live better lives.  My family saw such a difference in our health when we began to use the products that we just had to start sharing the products.  When we shared Antonio’s health turnaround story with others---they got started using Shaklee and saw the Shaklee difference for themselves.

 Antonio's Numbers

 Then my weight loss started to turn heads.... 

Our entire family has seen a change, both in our health attitudes and physically. 

 My 180 Progress

As we started to get larger and larger checks each month for helping people live better lives---we started to see Shaklee with new vision!!

Everyone is searching for something different, but we all need the basics.  We are dedicated to sharing our story and Shaklee’s history to help people live happier, healthier, and more prosperous lives.  By sharing the potential for a healthier physical reality and a slimmer waistline we can truly change lives from the inside out.  When we help those people earn their Shaklee products for FREE, and then begin to earn a monthly bonus check, it is so exciting.  Their earnings are completely about their own success—how many people they have helped along the way.  Anyone interested in taking it from free products to a career income path is 100% welcome!  Building a team of like minded people is going to make such an impact in the world!  How much income would it take to make a difference for your family?Possibilities

 My initial goal is to earn $3612 a month…then upward!! 

Future Initial Income

We are focused on sharing to the Presidential Master Coordinator level within 5 years.  We know that there will be a lot of work to put in and we are READY!! 

If you could make a change for your future, what would you work for?  Freedom?  Money?  Travel?  What about new car?  Do you have a dream home in mind?  Would you like to save for college or retirement? How much do you need to earn?  There are no ceilings to break thru.  There are no limits and no barriers, except the ones we place upon ourselves.


We invite you into our Shaklee family!  We are growing and Building Better Tomorrows (#BBT) for families all around the world.  Join our daily conversation @


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